Mengshi Bai

Meet Mengshi Bai, office manager and administrator for Citation Kitchens. Mengshi is one of the newest members of the Citation family, coming aboard in August of 2018 to assist in the organization of our team.

Mengshi comes equipped with a BA in Linguistics from the University of Washington, and even found time to achieve a Zumba Instructor certification in September, translating into a fast, hard-working, and detail-oriented professional personality. “I’m really active – I enjoy kickboxing, dancing, and hiking. I also love going to music events,” says Mengshi.

A dedication to learning how to consistently motivate himself makes Mengshi a coveted member of our team. Her drive to innovate and progress internal systems, as well as work relationships, means our team is always challenging itself. “Close co-worker relationships and a friendly atmosphere are just as important as professional relationships.”