The Top 7 Kitchen Features that Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Maximize Your ROI With These Kitchen Upgrades

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. More than just a meeting space and a storage area for your appliances, the kitchen is also a center of value on your property. Improving it can raise the value of your home substantially, especially if you know where to make the changes. You gain even more opportunity if you understand how to create those changes in a cost-effective way.

There are upgrades that you can make on your own, and there are some that require the hand of a professional by your side. Your best bet is to implement both when the opportunity arises! Here are seven ways you can upgrade your kitchen and make your money right back because of the subsequent upgrade in the value of your home.

stone wall kitchen

Updating Your Cabinetry  

A central focus of any kitchen is the cabinetry. Adding functionality and style to your cabinets can have the potential to add a lot to any kitchen upgrade.

By upgrading your cabinets to a custom design you won’t be confined to drab, uninspired design that we see so often in stock cabinetry.

Replace the Lighting  

Good lighting always sells well, and it can create an atmosphere of pristine beauty in your kitchen. Have you ever considered going for some stylish pendant lights? They are quite affordable but not in any way cheap with an elegant touch. Another choice is a hanging light over the countertop or your kitchen island. Maybe you upgrade with undercabinet lighting that will expand the space and give off a luxurious look. You might just be left astonished at what a simple $80-$150 can do for your kitchen space.

When changing the lights in your kitchen, bear in mind to look to energy-saving lights. That small sticker will instantly increase the value of your home. It is always seen as an advantage to purchasing a property with energy saving mechanisms already in place, especially in municipalities with tax benefits.

The cabinetry surrounding this incredible cooktop area was designed with glass fronts for a luxurious way to finish off this statement piece.

Install Durable Butcher Block Countertops  

The countertop is where you eat, prepare food, write your grocery list, plan for that big party and take care of so much other business. The more durable your countertops, the better. Here is some great news for you: Durable does not have to mean expensive! One cost-effective option is concrete countertops (starting at roughly $250-$300) that you can easily give an added flair with a stain. You can also upgrade to a granite countertop which you might find recycled from other projects or by buying a butcher-block. Don’t be afraid of the germs that grout might contract. It’s a relatively simple fix – you can easily gloss the top of the surface or add Formica topping…a quick wipe off will do the trick!

Change your Kitchen Sink

Just a little bit of attention to the kitchen sink will give buyers an immediate impression of comfort, style and class. Choosing a sink that not only serves as a cleaning central point but also one that stands as a kitchen centrepiece will give your kitchen a more genuine and balanced feel. You can use general designs but always look to add a unique accent to help it stand out. For instance, go for a unique faucet design. The right design does not have to be the most expensive design. It just has to be the right design for the space that it occupies.

Paint or Re-stain your Hardwood Floors and/or Change Your Tiles

Your flooring is one of the kitchen features that can help to bring life to the environment and trigger buyers to purchase. On the flipside, there is no amount of expensive decor that you can use to hide a dirty floor. There is so much you can do to your flooring to bring light to your kitchen with just a simple colour change. You might also opt for affordable tiles with varying shades and pattern designs, or even a plain design if it matches the wall and décor of the space. These simple fixes have always worked to set the tone for a great looking kitchen. Regardless of the trends in style, your flooring will always be essentially important to your home value.


Swap Out Simple Fixtures  

Changing a simple drawer knob can have a huge impact on a buyer at the close of a deal. Savvy buyers are always looking at the details of your kitchen to determine its value. New knobs mean that we don’t have to go looking behind the door for cracked tiles. Of course, the idea is to go affordable yet durable and high-quality. Depending on the style of your kitchen, try a matte-stained color or a bronze-shaded fixture. Also, nothing is wrong with having a mix of traditional and modern fixtures in the same location. Your cupboard handles can also be replaced for an affordable price if necessary.


Go Energy-Efficient  

Energy efficient appliances have never been cheaper. They have also never returned so much in terms of investment. Not only will you save anywhere from 30-60% on your own power bills, but you can sell the feature as a cost saving when you are ready to flip the property. People are more than willing to pay a premium to keep from having to search out energy efficient appliances themselves. Use this to your advantage.

Energy efficient appliances also tend to be the ones that look the most modern. The top producers of today’s appliances are under pressure to create efficient refrigerators, toasters, microwaves and the like, so they will put their best efforts into the units that use the least energy. Depending on your municipality, you may also be able to take advantage of tax rebates simply for having energy efficient appliances in the home. This is another selling point that will make any buyer’s ears perk up.

Take the tips above to heart and improve your kitchen with a mind to longevity, style and efficiency. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get things done here. What you need is an ability to mix and match alongside a bit of time to compare styles. Investing in a professional kitchen stylist is a great move as well. These are the people who will have the inside track to modern styles, and they will be able to quickly point you in the correct direction to see through your ideas while building your home value.

You may also want to incorporate the services of a real estate agent as you redecorate. If you are planning to sell at a given time, why not plan ahead?

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