Top Trends In Kitchen Design 2019

Giving your home a refreshing update often starts in the kitchen. 2019 is a great year to remodel, as many new home selling techniques focus on high traffic areas of the home as one of the major selling points. 2018 brought in some exciting new trends that we loved, from barstyle seating to multi-toned cabinets. What are the trends that you can count on in 2019 for your next kitchen remodel? Let's take a look.


Move over stainless steel – there is a new fixture and appliance finish that is taking the world by storm. Gunmetal and pewter is what you need if you want to give your kitchen a slightly aged look without losing that modern feel. Gunmetal also gives off a more sophisticated and subtle depth than more consistent textures like stainless steel or matte black. It is also less cliche than gold and brass, and it does not carry the style baggage that these two metals are burdened with.

You can use gunmetal and pewter as accents on your fixtures alongside marble or granite countertops for a great contrast in textures that works for the modern kitchen. Because the look is new yet somehow familiar, you can expect it to retain its novelty for quite a few years.

Coloring Cabinets

Who said that your cabinets had to play a background role to your appliances and the kitchen’s focal points? Modern kitchen design trends have the cabinets in a much more upfront role. Greens and blues are coming into greater demand, especially when they are paired beside brass or gold hardware and fixtures. (You may also try gunmetal as mentioned above for an uber-modern look.)

Coloring your cabinets makes your kitchen a bold fashion statement. You may need to back up your choice with a slightly different and bolder choice in wallpaper, but this is a small price to pay for a kitchen that will lift your spirits every time you walk into it.


Elite design circles are creating pure art in the kitchen space through wall-sized backsplashes. Pair the right pattern alongside a countertop material like marble to ground the space, and you have a unique space that you will enjoy looking at as much as cooking in.

Because of the relatively high fashion risk you are taking here, you may want to consult with a professional kitchen designer to see just how kitsch you want to be with your kitchen. Keep in mind that your highbrow art may not be someone else’s idea of elite work, so you should backsplash only if you plan on staying in the home for the next few years.

The Matte Black Finish

Although it may seem as though everyone is trying to get away from strong finishes like matte black, it retains its appeal as a predominant final touch around the accents of the room. Matte black still looks great on hardware accents, profile details and fixtures. If your kitchen has a lighter colored theme, matte black can be used sparingly to ground the room.

Use matte black and bold, consistent colors like it sparingly. You do not want to darken the mood in your kitchen, just give it a bit of gravitas. If you think that you have put too much matte black in the room, then you probably have.

Novelty Drawer Pulls

Who said that your drawer pulls had to be the same material as the frontboards of your dresser drawers? Designers are finding new inspiration in drawer pulls of wood and leather and moving away from polished nickel and chrome. One might think that metal would bring more warmth to the room, but just try leather. You will feel more homely than ever without losing a bit of the premium feel that hard chrome brings to the experience.

This is a subtle detail, but one that can work wonders across the space of an entire room. It is especially powerful if you use it across the entire household. Many households are gravitating slowly but surely towards wood and leather pulls as a feature design, not a novelty for a single room.

Open Shelving

Minimalism is making its way back into the mainstream. To be ahead of the curve without seeming too avant garde, try open shelving where your upper kitchen cabinets used to be. You have much more leeway with the materal of open shelving, because you are not drawing nearly as much immediate attention to the space. Metal, glass or wood can be a great choice here depending on the balance in the room.

This look was initially inspired by commercial retail and hotel rooms, but it looks just as good in certain types of personal residential spaces as well. It is a bold statement, so make sure that you match your boldness with the other accents in the space.

Sleek Contrasting

Texturing is a dimension that too few designers looked into last year, but they are making up for it with some great contrasting looks this year. Consider the aforementioned backsplash, only mirrored and juxtaposed against a polished marble top. You are beginning to see some of the possibilities of this philosophy.

You can go for a sleek kind of urban luxury mixing matte with textured bronze in the right way. Just make sure that you “coloring within the lines” so to speak. You do not want to create such a bleeding edge look that you cannot sell it if you need to. Again, this is one of those strategies that you only want to take on if you know that you’re going to be in your home for the next few years.

The trends above are certain to make their way into more long-term fashion streaks. However, it is still necessary that you pick your fashions wisely. Express yourself, but make sure that you are not limiting your home value with changes that are too far off the beaten path. The right designer will be absolute gold in helping you find this balance.

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