A Chef and His Family Want a Kitchen Fit for Both Work and Play

Our client for this kitchen was a chef and wanted a space that he could fit all of his different utensils and ingredients in, while also keeping the space bright, clean and open. Each piece of cabinetry was designed with a specific storage function in mind, and designed to highlight the dual purpose island in the center.

James Wong
Door Styles Used:

Traditional U-Shape

This kitchen is one of the most common layouts, known as a U-Shape. The large island in the center doubles as an eat-in dining area and adds extra storage and counter space.

Classic Shaker

The door style used in this kitchen is the utmost classic in kitchen design- the white shaker. This specific door style is a 70mm shaker in 1-Piece MDF.

White Swan

The colour of these shaker cabinet doors is called "White Swan" by Benjamin Moore. By adding in a few "Odyssey" drawer fronts, it creates a transitional style between traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

"Designer, James and the whole Citation team were a pleasure to work with. Took our design input, fixed our mistakes and gave us the exact kitchen we wanted. Cabinets arrived on the precise date promised, installed and the crew was gone in 3 days."

Trevor Wiley

Minimalist Lighting

The integrated cabinet lighting helps keep the workspace lit in a clean and minimalistic way.

Television Integration

Creating this appliance wall was tricky, as we needed to get a TV that would fit in line with the appliances and become built into the cabinetry.

Chef's Dream

The owner of this kitchen was a chef and wanted ample space to cook and cabinetry to fit all of his different ingredients and utensils. We utilized every inch of the kitchen in a function way, and he was delighted with the end result.

Dual Purpose Island

By adding a sitting area, cabinetry, and an electrical outlet, this kitchen island can be used for both work and play.