One Couple’s Dream Kitchen is Where East Meets West.

This kitchen is where East meets West in a contemporary, timeless way. Incorporating the wok kitchen into the main kitchen was uncharted territory for the Citation team, but by using glass walls to separate the two, the clients were able to enjoy both kitchens at the same time. By using a mix of caramelized bamboo and glossy white doors, we were able to bring together east and west in a contemporary way.

Jimmy Wan
Door Styles Used:

Caramelized Natural Bamboo

The high ceilings of this kitchen and family room allowed us to create natural bamboo mouldings, developing a beautiful transition from the top cabinets into the ceiling.

Natural Slab Doors

The slab style door is the best choice for a modern kitchen design. The clean lines keep the look contemporary, and minimalistic.

I have always been impressed by their dedication to making clients happy and their amazing service. From site specifics and details to their installation, it has always been professional and efficient. I highly recommend them to all of my clients.

Janis Gosbee Design Inc.

Seamless Panels

This modern, slab door style of cabinetry has no handles, creating a seamless, contemporary look and feel to this beautiful wok kitchen.

White High Gloss

By using a white, high gloss, slab style door in combination with natural bamboo, we were able to apply a European touch on an Eastern style.

Thoughtful Lighting

The integrated lighting on the upper cabinetry creates the perfect display of brightness for cooking, while complementing the contemporary style of this kitchen.

Integrated Wok Kitchen

Traditionally, the wok kitchen is hidden from the main kitchen. This couple wanted to show off their wok kitchen in an unconventional way.

Exotic Peninsula

To continue the mix of natural wood with white glossy doors, we used an exotic wedge wood on this island to carry the look throughout the kitchen peninsula.

Minimalistic Neutrals

Keeping the cabinetry minimalistic and the colour palette neutral ensures that this kitchen still feels warm and welcoming as the heart of the home should.

Simple & Modern

Having the simplest design of the three vanities, we kept the handleless slab door style from the wok kitchen to create a seamless contemporary floating vanity for the powder room.

Two Toned

Each vanity designed for this home incorporated the rich wedgewood from the kitchen island, and the white high gloss door style from the wok kitchen.

Floating Vanity

Playing off the contemporary style of the kitchen, we did a floating vanity with handleless slab doors to continue the style throughout each bathroom in the home.