A log cabin becomes a culinary retreat

A new open layout, fresh finishes and white paint transforms this traditional log home in Whistler. When we heard about the opportunity to change an existing traditional log cabin into a contemporary home that still makes sense, we got excited. There were many unique challenges when dealing with a structure made of solid wood logs, but nonetheless we were able to create a contemporary culinary retreat in the middle of the woods that our clients love.

Kelly Stubson
Door Styles Used:

Contemporary and Rustic

This kitchen was one of our most unique projects yet. By cutting independent vertical wood studs into the logs, we were able to attach the cabinetry securely to the walls.

A Charming Centre Piece

The designer of this home finished off the kitchen space by adding a raw wood dining table to bring back some of that rustic charm into this newly designed space.

The design has always been top notch with very personalized service specific to my clients wishes, needs and dreams. The quality of both the product itself and the careful installations at site are always equal to, or above expectation. 

Surfside Constuction Inc.

Rustic Elegance

This photo is a beautiful representation of the combination of modern design & rustic log cabin aesthetic.

Integrated Appliances

The double oven was integrated seamlessly into the cabinetry to complete the seamless lines of this contemporary design.

Concrete Quartz

This concrete countertop with a waterfall over one side is actually a Caesarstone quartz material. The concrete countertop on this island makes it a focal point of the space.

Wine Nook

By taking a previously unused space and creating a small countertop and a few cabinets helps create the perfect coffee nook by day and bar by night.

Seamless Lines

The seamless lines of the Odyssey door style play up a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Odyssey Doors

This entire kitchen features Citation’s “Odyssey” door style. The perimeter was painted “Perspective” by Benjamin Moore, and the island was rift cut black walnut, stained with “old world walnut”

Open Shelving

The subtle open shelving in the corner helps utilize unusable space and create a unique storage area for cookbooks, plants, and other nick naks.

Flush Stove Top

This gas range is flush with the counter top, creating the seamless lines known in contemporary design. The dials are built into the cabinetry panel below the countertop.

Glossy Handles

These black ladder style handles create a stark contrast against the white cabinetry. This is an incredible popular handle style and remains a timeless classic in contemporary design.